Coolant test Report: Are coolants on the market reliable

Coolant test Report: Are coolants on the market reliable

In 2021, we collected coolants in the market when we were developing our immersion cooling products and finally selected nine fluids for a one-year test. Now we are publishing part of the results in order to help you more.

Scope of This Test

The purpose of this test is to verify the suitability of most fluids on the market for crypto mining in a single-phase immersion cooling environment, including:

  • Performance - thermal conductivity and cooling capacity, and its impact on mining performance (hashrate) ;

  • Components compatibility - corrosion of components of miners, and influence on the stability and lifecycle of the machine;

  • Durability - Service life of fluid and miners;

  • Other physical characteristics - dielectric property, kinematic viscosity, and support for immersion cooling equipment.

And this test does not cover the following:

  • Biosafety - impact on human and animal health;

  • Chemical safety - flammability and oxidability;

  • Environmental impacts - such as air pollution or biodegradability.

The main Fluid

We have selected nine major coolants from the market, ranging from coolants for professional miners to mineral and synthetic oils that most DO-it-yourself players like to use. It's important to note that specific product names are not disclosed to protect merchant privacy and fluorinated liquids are not included in this test.

Test Method

1.Accelerated high temperature test

  • 3-month continuous test under extreme environment for components compatibility test

  • Temperature: 80°C

  • Liquid sample amount: 50mL * 30pcs for all components and materials

  • Test duration: 180 days

  • Testing process: Put the electronic components and non-metallic materials of miners into glass bottles, with a certain amount of fluid. Seal the bottles and place them under a constant temperature for a preset time. After careful cleaning and drying, measure the change of each material and the fluid, such as weight, appearance, size, color and other indicators to evaluate the compatibility of the material and the fluid.

2.Long-term actual running test

  • 6-month continuous running with miners under normal environment for performance test and components compatibility test;

  • Observe the running status (including overclocked hashrate), and evaluate the change of the components of miners and fluid after the end of the time.

Test Environment

1.Fog Hashing C1 Immersion Cooling Kit for Bitcoin Mining - to test with Bitmain AntMiner S19 Pro

Fog Hashing C1
AntMiner S19 Pro 110T

2.Fog Hashing B6 Immersion Cooling Chassis - to test with

  • Bitmain AntMiner S17Pro 、S17、T17

  • Canaan Avalonminer A1166Pro

  • MicroBT WhatsMiner M20S

  • iBelink BM-S1 、BM-H1 MAX

  • XFX AMD Radeon Vega56 graphics cardFog Hashing B6B6 in operationTest environment and samples

  • Result

    According to the analysis of the test,

    • Most of the electronic components had obvious physical and chemical reaction with the liquid during the experimental period.

    • The tip of most capacitors will expand.

    • The weight change rate and expansion of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is low, compared to the same test with other types of fluids.

    • The metals parts did not have obvious weight and surface change.

    • For most coolants,the wires have a certain degree of hardening, and the outer shrinkage of network cables and power cables is obvious.

    • For most coolants,the color and state of the liquid remained basically unchanged.

    • The principal components of the liquid remained basically unchanged.

    The following values are from the measured data of one of the coolants.

  • Conclusion

    Note: The following conclusions are not only based on this test, but also from other test results from Fog Hashing Labs.


    Most of the coolant has excellent thermal conductivity and insulation performance, but more of them have poor compatibility with some important components of the miners. There is no problem with short-term use, but it will affect the performance of the miners or even damage the machine if we use it long-term.

    • All the data are collected and provided by Fog Hashing Labs owned by Fog Hashing Pte. Ltd.

    • Due to testing conditions and time, there may be inaccuracy in this report. Fog Hashing is not responsible for the results.

    About Fog Hashing

    Fog Hashing is a crypto mining technology provider from Singapore.

    Based on its advanced immersion cooling technology, the ultimate efficiency of high-density thermal management and overclocked hashrate is achieved, which will improve energy efficiency and increase the ROI of crypto mining.

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