HC Series - Hydro Cooling Container

The Best Choice for Hydro Cooling

The Fog Hashing Hydro Cooling Container is an innovative solution designed specifically for large-scale mining operations. It incorporates a range of efficient features from the H200 series Hydro Cooling equipment, including single-circuit design, stainless steel pipelines, coolant quality monitoring, and a high-capacity circuit system. This container provides reliable heat dissipation, simplified maintenance procedures, and a convenient mining operational environment. The FogHashing Hydro Cooling Container is the optimal choice for your mining operations.

Project Overview

  • Deploy based on container.
  • One container can hold 210 Antminer hydro miners max.
  • Target Miner: Bitcoin Miner S19/21 hydro.
  • Total load: 1400kW
  • Equipped with 1400kW smart CDU.
  • Integrated dry cooler.
  • Type of container: 40HQ
  • Design heat dissipation: 1400kW@30℃ ambient temp .
  • Humidity: 5-80%
  • High air volume fans: 10 PCS.

Layout Description

1100kW CDU

Built-in Pump, Water
refill, Flow controller,

Integrated Dry Cooler

Control cabinet

Dynamic environment and
system temperature
control system based on

Hydro Rack

Built-in Sensor, Network
Switch, Pipeline

1000A PDC

Built-in Breaker,
instrument, SPD, etc.

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Mining Farm Location 1: Sugar Land, TX,US

Mining Farm Location 2: Bungama, SA, Australia

HC Container



12192(L)*2438(W)*2896(H) mm


Rack 7 rows and 15 columns per group

Input Voltage

3-phase 380-415V 50/60Hz

Power Capacity


Operating Temp


HC Container

Dry cooler

Cooling Capacity

1400 kW@30℃

Input Voltage

3-phase 350-415V 50Hz/60Hz

Fan Power

4.1 kW *10

In and Out Temperature


Spray Pump Power(optionl)