BC Series Designed for Large-scale Mining IMMERSION COOLING MINING CONTAINER


Immersion Cooling System

BC Series Container integrate all required devices, including immersion tanks, PDC, smart PDUs, network interfaces, external coolers, monitoring devices, etc. It's designed to provide a turn-key solution for large-scale mining.
Fog Hashing uses single-phase precision immersion cooling technology. The precise control of the fluids flow keeps the chips running at their optimum status. A dust-free, static-free and moisture-free environment greatly reduces maintenance work, and prolongs the lifecycle of mining machines. Adaptive cooling results in extremely low power consumption for heat dissipation (PUE 1.02~1.05).




BC40 Container

Easy to Deployment

  • Single-loop cycle
  • Modular design system
  • Extremely expandable
  • Lower O&M costs


Maximum power load

The Pro version supports up to 2.6MW, while the Basic version supports up to 1.6MW. For more details, please refer to the specifications.


384 x Antminers or 480 x WhatsMiners

Accommodate up to 480 WhatsMiners.

All-Round Intelligent Management System

Integrates 3 management systems: cooling control, power monitoring and security monitoring systems.

Ultimate Cooling Capacity with Redundancy Design

Both closed-loop water towers and dry coolers are supported, each equipped with additional cooling capacity redundancy to accommodate a wide range of extreme climates.

Delivering More and More

FROM 260kW TO 50MW


ISO 40ft Container
384 S19/XP
480 Whatsminer M50


ISO 20ft Container
192 S19/XP
240 Whatsminer M50


ISO 10ft Container
96 S19/XP
120 Whatsminer M50

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