The Unveil of Fog Hashing in Miami

The Unveil of Fog Hashing in Miami

From deep autumn to early spring, Miami and southern Florida are sometimes IMMERSED in the FOG, thanks to the COOLING moist water vapour from the Atlantic.

This year in Miami, Mining Disrupt, the most influential annual conference in the mining industry, was orientated to IMMERSION COOLING solutions, among which, FOG HASHING from Singapore, drew the most attention.

As early as January at CES, FOG HASHING released its immersion cooling solution for individual users - the C1 Kit. Now at Miami Mining Disrupt, though half a year has passed, Fog Hashing's C1 Kit still interests a group of attendees, rushing into Fog Hashing's 3 business parter's booths, the Jconwell, PDM and Cyperpower, to communicate with Fog Hashing's CEO Paul Li, or CMO Will Long.

So what's the C1 Kit's magic, that draws so much attention at both CES and Mining Disrupt?

The first reason is that it goes closely with the trend of the mining industry and fills a hole in the market. It was the world's FIRST brand to introduce manufactured immersion cooling products to HOMES and OFFICES. We had seen an enormous market in DECENTRALISED MINING, a trend of big mining farms DECREASING and individual miners BLOOMING.

Thanks to our background and rich experience in Xiaomi Ecosystem designing and manufacturing, Fog Hashing's team has a deep understanding of how to develop a HOME ORIENTED product, no matter from the beauty of outer design or inner quality control, which is the inability of other immersion cooling providers coming from IDC industry.

Fog Hashing's technology is also backed by its joint lab of Xi'an Jiaotong University, world ranked 5th in Energy and Fuels Engineering, and Xidian University, world ranked 34thin Computer Science, both by US NEWS. Fog Hashing's Joint-Lab is the test partner of Shell immersion coolant and has its own outstanding fluid as well.

Dr and Associate Professor Paul Li, the founder and CEO of Fog Hashing, Global Shaper of Davos World Economic Forum, and former head of Xiaomi Walkie Talkie R&D, has a vision of "Bring a miner to every home", similar to Bill Gates's ambition of "a computer on every desk and in every home" in the 1980s.

A professional team provides us with a professional product. Fog Hashing's C1 exceeds in our gorgeous appearance, low noise as well as the overclock and energy-saving feature. Compatible with most mainstream mining brands such as Whats miner, Antminer, Goldshell, iBelink, etc. B6(D) is another product for individual users owning no more than 18 mining rigs. In its name, D stands for "DRY COOLERS'. Its features are similar to the C1 Kit but with far less cost per mining rig. Each B6D tank can hold 6 miners and if your miners are less than 18, the dry coolers are a perfect match.

If you've got more than 18 miners, Fog Hashing's solution is the B6(T), T here means the "Tower for cooling", a little more complicated for deploying but can reduce the cost significantly. The cooling tower is also more powerful than the dry cooler. If your miners are in some area with extremely hot weather up to 45℃ (113.00 ℉) or higher, the cooling tower is your first choice.

Racks are optional if you want to deploy the B6 tanks vertically in order to save room. Every rack can house 3 B6 tanks. Fog Hashing's Rack also performs as the VEIN for the liquid flowing, so you won't see too many pipes outside, a much cleaner design providing more space and convenience when maintained.

For big mining farms, Fog Hashing also provides CONTAINERS. It is a combination of Fog Hashing's B6s, Racks, Cooling Towers as well as the Electric Solutions. The BC20 container can hold 18 B6 Tanks and 108 mining rigs while the BC40 container can do it with 42 B6 Tanks and 252 miners, compared with some low-price containers, Fog Hashing focuses on its User-friendliness, High End designing and components purchasing, Easiness of maintenance, Unique software to save energy dynamically, and Satisfactory after-sales service.

Fog Hashing not only focuses on current immersion solutions, but also prepares for the future actively. It's C2 Kit targeting HOME & OFFICE mining, the same as C1 Kit does, but with higher capacity and lower cost per mining rig. This product is due to be pre-sold in Q3 and delivered in Q4.

Global warming is a severe challenge for the mining industry. When the Mining Disrupt was held in Miami, most places in America and Europe suffered from record high temperatures, even England was grilled with 40℃ (104.00 ℉).

The continuously worsening frequent heat waves, together with more robust mining chips, force some miners to break down, whether with air cooling or current immersion cooling gadgets.

Being a pioneer in the immersion cooling industry, Fog Hashing developed our ULTRA series product line, trying to solve this pain point. Its far more powerful dry coolers coordinate with the water curtain, assisting the miners in running in a 40~49℃ (104.00 ℉~120.20 ℉) ambience. Fog Hashing is working closely with its business partners in the Middle East, one of the hottest places on earth, to test the performance of the Ultra series.

While most places are suffering from dying hot summers, Europe may have to worry about their cold winters. With the fear of Russia's gas cuts, heat recovery seems to be more important than anything else. Fog Hashing is also working on this project, striving to find a solution to use the wasted heat while mining to warm households.

Solar Mining is the last block to finish Fog Hashing's jigsaw. Together with its heat recovery program, this organisation attempts to rewrite the image of "bitcoin mining's high energy consumption is the indirect cause of pollution" with its solar mining solutions. Clean energy use will be the harmony of Fog Hashing's long-term plan.

World's FIRST to release the HOME MINING KIT; World's FIRST to release the ULTRA PRODUCTS...

Pioneer Fog Hashing, acts as its name "FOG", full of mystery and surprises for you to see.

When the Fog of Miami fades, the beauty of Florida emerges; when Fog Hashing of Miami releases its news, the great expectation unveils.

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