Fog Hashing Unveiled at CES 2022, Launches Immersion Cooling Equipment for Crypto Mining

Fog Hashing Unveiled at CES 2022, Launches Immersion Cooling Equipment for Crypto Mining

On January 5 2022, CES 2022, the world's largest consumer electronics show, opened its doors in Las Vegas. Fog Hashing announced its new C1 and B6 products, which use liquid immersion cooling technology specially for cryptocurrency mining.

As the most influential tech event in the world and a bridge of international electronics trading, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 has attracted tens of thousands of visitors around the world. Fog Hashing is one of the few exhibitors in the field of cryptocurrency, to build a bridge for many cryptocurrency fans to understand Bitcoin and liquid immersion cooling technology for Bitcoin mining.

On January 3, 2009, "Satoshi Nakamoto", the inventor of Bitcoin, became the world's first Bitcoin miner and mined the first Bitcoin. The essence of the blockchain design is decentralization. At this exhibition, Fog Hashing paid tribute to Satoshi and announced the first decentralized liquid immersion cooling mining product, C1. The well-designed machine and its slogan "1 ASIC, 1 vote" attracted thousands of visitors to know and discuss. Fog Hashing staff gave a live demonstration on how Bitcoin mining is easily done. Some experienced Bitcoin miners were excited when they saw that there was almost no noise running the mining machine. In fact, not only to reduce noise, but the immersion cooling technology can also reduce failure rate and make the mining machine run stably all year round, as well as support overclocking to gain extra profit. Under the demonstration of the staff, the original hashrate of the mining machine is 53T, but the real hashrate is 77T after adopting this immersion cooling equipment, nearly 50% increase.

Fog Hashing explained the principle behind it to the audience: This product uses advanced immersion cooling technology, removing fan coolers of the mining machine and then immersing it fully into dielectric coolant that has an order of magnitude more heat capacity than air, to realize effective cooling. With proprietary frequency tuning software, the mining machine not only runs more stably and silently for long-term, but also improves the hashrate, thus increasing the return on investment of mining. This product allows anyone in the world to become a contributor to the maintenance of bitcoin blockchain ledger. No matter if it is for professional mining business or mining at home or in the garage, without restrictions by space, noise and other factors, truly practicing Satoshi's concept of "decentralized bookkeeping".

The visitors are not only from the US, but also from South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and all over the world. Fog Hashing launched the "Take a C-Note for Your Crypto" promotional activity, to offer a "Tribute To Satoshi Nakamoto" NFT and a $100 coupon for buying their products by scanning a QR code and filling out a questionnaire.

In addition to the C1 product demonstrated on site, Fog Hashing has also introduced BC40 liquid immersion cooling container, B6R rack and B6 chassis. From small scale (< 500kW) to large mining farms (> 5MW), Fog Hashing provides turn-key solution to all. At present, pilot projects have been deployed in the United States, South Korea, Serbia and other regions.


As a professional solution provider and based on its advanced immersion cooling hardware and software technology, waste heat utilization technology, as well as clean energy mining technology, Fog Hashing will continue to launch residential, commercial and industrial solutions, to serve the crypto mining industry better and get a higher return of investment.

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