1. Safety: Crypto mining equipment may run at a very high temperature. Do not touch the equipment while it is operating. Keep children and flammable materials away from these mining facilities. It is the user's responsibility to maintain a safe running environment for Fog Hashing equipment.


2. Legal minors are not allowed to use this product.


3. Miners are high-power professional devices. Non-professionals should consult a professional electrician before using them.


4. During installation and daily use, please obey the safety guidelines and strictly follow the steps above. Otherwise, if the product or miner were damaged, or any kind of safety accident occurred, Fog Hashing would not be responsible.


5. For the usage of the miner, please consult the original supplier. Overclocking is risky, and Fog Hashing would not be responsible for the miners' failure or overclocking issue.


6. Fog Hashing would not be responsible for the damage caused by miner modification, such as removing fans.


7. Please use the official or officially recommended coolant. Otherwise, Fog Hashing will not be responsible for any damage of the miner or safety issues.



9. Please do not disassemble, repair or modify the equipment only if Fog Hashing asks you to do so and under official instructions.


10. The user acknowledges that Fog Hashing is not responsible for any safety incidents due to misoperation or inappropriate environmental conditions for operation of any Fog Hashing equipment.