FogHashing Unveils Groundbreaking Liquid Cooling Product BC40 Elite at Mining Disrupt 2024

FogHashing Unveils Groundbreaking Liquid Cooling Product BC40 Elite at Mining Disrupt 2024
Miami, Florida, USA, June 25, 2024 — As a global leader in liquid cooling technology solutions, FogHashing has launched its innovative masterpiece — BC40 Elite — at the global mining event Mining Disrupt 2024 held in Miami. The company's CEO, Paul, delivered a keynote speech titled "Cooling for The Compute-Intensive Era," deeply analyzing the application prospects of liquid cooling technology in the fields of artificial intelligence and mining, and reached strategic cooperation with many industry leaders.

BC40 Elite: The Culmination of Liquid Cooling Technology

As a pioneer in liquid cooling technology, FogHashing continues to drive product innovation. From home mining to large-scale mining farms, from immersion to hydro cooling technology, FogHashing continuously optimizes its product line to provide miners with efficient and reliable liquid cooling solutions. The advent of BC40 Elite marks another milestone in liquid cooling technology. This standardized product has a cooling capacity of 1MW, which can easily accommodate 200 S21 or 120 M66S mining machines, and its integrated design simplifies the on-site deployment and maintenance process.
BC40 Elite
"We have deployed a 5MW immersion cooling mining farm in Texas, USA. The performance of FogHashing's products has exceeded our expectations, and their professional design and on-site support have left us a deep impression," said a mining farm owner from Texas, USA. FogHashing CEO Paul said, "We are committed to the research and development of liquid cooling technology. The launch of BC40 Elite is to meet the needs of miners in various scenarios, to achieve convenience and efficiency in digital currency mining, while breaking through environmental constraints."

Liquid Cooling Technology: A New Engine in the Field of AI Computing

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the increasing demand for computing power, we are entering a new era with extremely high requirements for computing capabilities. In his speech "Cooling for The Compute-Intensive Era," Paul pointed out that the boundaries between AI computing and mining are becoming increasingly blurred, and the reduction of AI chip costs indicates the trend of integration between AI computing and mining in the future. Faced with the limits of chip manufacturing processes and the challenges of heat levels, cooling technology has become the key to enhancing computing power.
FogHashing is actively promoting liquid cooling technology to become the standard for the next generation of computing devices, to enhance system stability, improve computing power, extend the life of IT equipment, and reduce energy consumption (PUE), reduce infrastructure costs, and explore new ways of utilizing waste heat.
Paul is giving a speech
In his speech, Paul announced, "We are delivering the world's first large-scale container-based H100 immersion liquid cooling project, which marks a significant breakthrough in the application of liquid cooling technology in the field of AI computing."

Building a Liquid Cooling Ecosystem: Creating the Future Together

To promote the development of liquid cooling technology, FogHashing signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known enterprises such as Osprey, Iceriver, Repairbit, Apexto, and BOMBAX MINER at this exhibition, to jointly build a liquid cooling ecosystem, leverage each other's strengths, and promote industry development.
Looking back at Mining Disrupt 2023, FogHashing and MicroBT jointly initiated the establishment of a liquid cooling ecosystem, and in the past year, nearly 50 companies have joined to jointly promote the application of liquid cooling technology in the field of digital currency mining.
FogHashing and MicroBT jointly initiated the establishment of a liquid cooling ecosystem
FogHashing CEO Paul emphasized, "Our vision is to create a more efficient, powerful, and sustainable computing infrastructure. Liquid cooling technology is the key to achieving this goal. We recognize that the transition from air cooling to liquid cooling requires not only excellent technology and products but also overcoming industry inertia. This requires the joint efforts of enterprises, research institutions, and users to leverage their respective strengths and promote industry development."
With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, FogHashing will continue to lead the innovation and development of liquid cooling technology, providing more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the fields of digital currency mining and high-performance computing. We look forward to working with all partners to meet the challenges and opportunities of the era of computing intensity.

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