Terms & Conditions

The after-sales service policies of Fog Hashing products may be different in different countries and regions. These policies are formulated according to the characteristics of immersion cooling products, with the goal of reducing the overall cost of users.


1. Warranty

Fog Hashing Pte. Ltd. or its distributors (hereinafter referred to as FH) provide a one-year limited warranty for the whole machine. Warranty process:

1.1 Contact the after-sales channel service@foghashing.io, to send issue information, photos, videos, etc. Assist FH to locate the issue.


1.2 FH will provide simple repair methods and confirm with the user.


1.2.1 If the repair can be done by the user, FH will send the necessary parts to the user for free.

- Such issues may include those caused by non-human factors: failure of oil pump, control board, sensors, screen, slight leakage at the pipeline joint, etc.

- After receiving the parts, the user should operate according to FH's instruction, video or remote guidance.

- FH and the user check and confirm that the issue has been solved.


1.2.2 If the repair cannot be done by the user, it can be sent back to the official designated service center.

- First confirm with customer service: the goods to be shipped, return address, shipping method and company, and estimated repair time.

- Then the user ships the equipment.

- After repair is done, the user will be notified and receive the equipment.

- If it cannot be repaired, FH will provide a new one to the user.



2.2. Damage caused by improper use or maintenance, or instruction is not followed (e.g. in- tank power supply damage due to external circuit short);


2.3. Bad operating environment (e.g. ambient temperature exceeding specified range, water or sand infiltration, etc.);


2.4. Wear and tear in normal use, or damage by external force (e.g. bending, deformation, paint shedding, screen broken, etc.);


2.5. Damage caused by the use of unofficial or unofficially recommended coolant;


2.6. Damage caused by force majeure (e.g. flood, lightning, fire,etc.);


2.7. Failure due to modification, disassembly, or repair with out official permission or instruction;


2.8. Damage caused by other abnormal uses.


3. Return & Refund

Due to the characteristics of the immersion products, in one month after the customer receives the product, if the customer requests to return FH provides return service while the customer has to pay for the two-way actual freight rate and the goods should be as new and do not affect secondary sale. After one month, FH will not provide a return service. Return process:

3.1 Contact the after-sales channel service @foghashingio, submit a return application, and provide a refund account.


3.2 Supported refund method: the same as the purchase payment method.


3.3 FH confirms the actual freight rate and refund amount after deducting the freight, and provides a receiving address.


3.4 Customer ships the goods.


3.5 FH receives the goods and confirms that there is no man-made damage and no effect to secondary sales.


3.6 The customer gets refunds and receipt for the freight.The time differs according to the payment channel.


4. Missing accessories

In case of missing accessories in original package, FH can send the missing ones for free. lf additional accessories are needed, the user can only pay cost price and actual postage. Please contact FH customer service.