Welcoming The Liquid Cooling Era: Co-Building a Collaborative Ecosystem

Welcoming The Liquid Cooling Era: Co-Building a Collaborative Ecosystem
The new era of liquid cooling technology for crypto mining has arrived. At the Bitcoin2023 Conference, MicroBT (WhatsMiner), together with strategic partner Fog Hashing, is set to build an open ecosystem to propel this revolutionary shift.

The era of liquid cooling for crypto mining has arrived

As ASIC mining chips are approaching the process limit, the era of relying solely on chip improvements has passed. As heat dissipation is critical to the performance of hash computing, liquid cooling technology presents an opportunity to significantly enhance system performance and efficiency.

In 2019, Dr. Zuoxing Yang, the founder of MicroBT(WhatsMiner), predicted the advent of liquid cooling in Bitcoin mining industry, forecasting that within 5 years, liquid cooling miners would progressively replace air-cooling ones, capturing up to 80% of the market share.

Today, the future is here. Driven by both technological and market factors, this year marks the true commencement of the era of liquid cooling for Bitcoin mining.


Technology and product innovation drives industry upgrade

Traditionally to modify an air-cooling miner to liquid-cooling by user poses many issues. The advantages of native liquid-cooling miners stand out, being much more reliable and efficient. Moreover, comparing air cooling, liquid immersion cooling better adapt to various scenarios, such as clean energy mining and waste heat utilization, making mining more sustainable and aligning with ESG requirements.

Earlier at the Bitcoin Energy Summit in March, Fog Hashing, as a strategic R&D partner and supplier of MicroBT, jointly released the M1 immersion cooling kit specially designed for WhatsMiner native immersion mining module M56. Now at Bitcoin2023, while MicroBT released M56/M56S++ product and specifications officially, the two companies once again showcased new rack-based M20 and container-based MC Series products specially designed for M56, and corresponding solutions suitable for mid-to-large-scale deployment scenarios.

Whatsminer M56 series
FogHashing MC series container

Construction of a win-win cooperation ecosystem is key to industry transformation

“To drive the entire mining industry’s transition from air cooling to liquid cooling, it is necessary to break traditional path dependencies and solve a series of problems in technology, product, application scenarios, supply chain, distribution, project planning, solution design, delivery, logistics, maintenance, management, after-sales service, training, governance, and surrounding support, etc. And it will eliminate concerns of the user to adopt liquid cooling technology.” said Paul Jin Li, CEO of Fog Hashing, in an interview. “To achieve this goal, it is necessary for key players in this industry to take the lead, fostering collaboration with various ecosystem enterprises, each leveraging their strengths to serve the entire industry, and realize mutual benefits.”

At this conference, MicroBT, the world-leading mining chip manufacturer and WhatsMiner’s developer, alongside Fog Hashing, a leading immersion cooling solution provider, initiated a plan of building this ecosystem, attracting more partners even competitors to join, committed to providing miners with comprehensive end-to-end liquid immersion cooling solutions and services.

Jianbing Chen, COO of MicroBT. Paul Jin Li, CEO of FogHashing

The escalation of global financial risks will accelerate the development of cryptocurrency infrastructure

With a surge in financial risk and increasing economic uncertainty, cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin will continue to challenge and supplement the traditional financial system through technology innovation based on underlying mathematics, algorithms, open-source code and consensus. The Bitcoin2023 Conference arrived at an opportune moment, sparking numerous constructive frontier discussions. And the blockchain infrastructure based on PoW computation will continue to evolve in the face of continuous challenges.

About Fog Hashing

Fog Hashing is a world-leading solution provider specializing in the design and manufacturing of liquid cooling mining equipment, offering full-stack immersion cooling solutions for scenarios ranging from individual home mining to large-scale institutional mining. The company’s vision is to make blockchain computing infrastructure more efficient, robust and sustainable.

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