The Future of Crypto Mining Equipment with Fog Hashing: Immersion Cooling Innovations Unveiled

The Future of Crypto Mining Equipment with Fog Hashing: Immersion Cooling Innovations Unveiled

The Bitcoin Energy Summit, a premier event gathering industry leaders and innovative minds to discuss energy solutions, technologies, policies and sustainability for crypto mining, recently took place in Miami. Paul Jin Li, CEO of Fog Hashing, gave an insightful speech titled “Embrace The Next Generation of Immersion Cooling for Crypto Mining” and showcased Fog Hashing’s innovative solutions.

Challenges of Mining Machine Design and Dr. Yang Zuoxing’s Prediction

There are multiple challenges which limit the development of mining machines. The chip process is approaching its physical limit, and whole system design efficiency is becoming increasingly crucial. With thermal management as a key aspect, the industry is focusing on more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

In 2019, Dr. Yang Zuoxing, Founder and CEO of MicroBT Whatsminer, predicted that liquid cooling mining machines would become mainstream to replace traditional air cooling machines within five years, accounting for 80% of the market.

Four years after his prediction, liquid cooling technology has come a long way. From early verification and testing to large-scale adoption, the technology has gained more confidence within the industry.

As highlighted by Fog Hashing’s CEO, the mining industry is entering a new era this year driven by liquid cooling technology, especially immersion cooling. It will improve the efficiency of thermal management as well as hash computing significantly, so as to achieve a PUE less than 1.02.

Fog Hashing and MicroBT collaborate to provide advanced immersion mining systems based on Whatsminer

Fog Hashing, a Singapore-based company, has partnered with reputable Whatsminer to launch a new product line called the M series, including M1, M6, M20, MC10/20/40, which is designed specifically for Whatsminer’s original immersion cooling cell unit M56, to deliver the most compact, efficient, and stable mining machines ever. They also come with an official one-year warranty for overclocking from 5kW to 7kW, gaining a hashrate increase of 30%.

Committed to Customer’s Success

Besides the new M series, Fog Hashing offers a complete product family for various crypto mining needs, from C series for individual home mining to B series for large-scale institutional mining, with all products that come with reliable and efficient design, never exaggerates or misleads in specifications. Additionally, Fog Hashing offers customized solution design service, on-site and long-term support, to be committed to empowering crypto miners’ success.

Crypto mining is a controversial industry, primarily due to its significant power consumption. Nonetheless, Proof-of-Work, the underlying infrastructure of cryptocurrency, is considered an essential invention by its supporters, who also argue that it is not only useful but crucial for stabilizing the grid. Regardless of these debates, energy and sustainability remain key topics in the crypto mining space. The Bitcoin Energy Summit serves as a platform for industry stakeholders to address these concerns and explore innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. During this summit, Fog Hashing showcased its dedication to tackling these challenges by collaborating with MicroBT to transform crypto mining equipment through immersion cooling technology. These innovations underscore the industry’s dedication to adopting more sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact.

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