Fog Hashing Partners with MicroBT to Unveil immersion Cooling Full Stack Solution at Blockchain Life 2023

Fog Hashing Partners with MicroBT to Unveil immersion Cooling Full Stack Solution at Blockchain Life 2023

Fog Hashing M6 at the Whatsminer Booth

On October 24, 2023, during the Blockchain Life held in Dubai, Fog Hashing, an industry pioneer in liquid cooling technology, joined forces with the globally renowned mining machine manufacturer MicroBT to unveil their latest immersion cooling products. This development further advances the application of native liquid cooling technology in the realm of cryptocurrency mining.

During this exhibition, MicroBT unveiled the M66 series of native immersion cooling products. Simultaneously, Fog Hashing introduced a customized immersion cooling suite the M6, designed specifically for the M66/M56 series. This signifies a comprehensive array of immersion cooling solutions tailored for M56/M66 series mining machines, including the M1/M6/M20 series, as well as the large-scale container deployment solution showcased at the conference.

Immersion Cooling Solutions Designed for M66M56 Series

Immersion Cooling Solutions Designed for M66/M56 Series

Paul Jin Li, CEO of Fog Hashing, stated, “Several months ago, we had the privilege to be part of the research and testing of the M66 series. This has further enhanced the maturity, reliability, and adaptability of our liquid cooling solutions. However, leading the mining industry towards a complete transition to liquid cooling technology requires not only outstanding products like M66 but also the collective efforts of enterprises, research institutions, and end-users.”

Running of M66M56 Inside Fog Hashing M20 Several Months In

Running of M66/M56 Inside Fog Hashing M20: Several Months In

Several months ago, MicroBT and Fog Hashing, among other companies, jointly initiated the establishment of a liquid cooling ecosystem. As of the conclusion of this exhibition, nearly 50 companies have signed letters of intent for this initiative. This initiative will continue to foster broader and deeper collaboration among various companies in the future, promoting the widespread application of liquid cooling technology in the mining industry and enhancing services for miners.

Dr. Yang, CEO of MicroBT, stated, “MicroBT has been continuously investing in the research and development of liquid cooling technology and has already launched cutting-edge native immersion cooling products. Through strategic partnerships with Fog Hashing and other partners, we aim to accelerate the maturity and widespread application of liquid cooling technology in blockchain infrastructure computing.”

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