Fog Hashing has launched a cryptocurrency mining facility suitable for households

Fog Hashing has launched a cryptocurrency mining facility suitable for households

At booth 8978 of CES2022 North Hall, many visitors showed strong interest in a mysterious black box. "Fog Hashing" from Singapore has launched a cryptocurrency mining facility suitable for households,allowing cryptocurrency mining facility to overclock and obtain higher computing power.

On January 3, 2009, "Satoshi Nakamoto", the inventor of Bitcoin, became the world's first Bitcoin miner and unearthed the first Bitcoin. The essence of the blockchain design is "one CPU, one vote".

At CES2022, Fog Hashing paid tribute to Satoshi and announced its liquid immersion cooling products of decentralized cryptocurrency mining. Based on its technology, solutions for household, commercial and industrial use with higher hashpower, no overheating, low noise, and a longer life cycle have been developed, which is suitable for factories, plantations, schools and various places with surplus electricity.

Distributed bookkeeping by crypto mining is essentially the infrastructure construction of decentralized finance system. In 2021, the U.S. crypto mining industry has been booming. After the Chinese government completely banned this industry, practitioners seized the opportunity to construct ultra large scale mining farms in North America based on its huge volume of energy infrastructure, and now occupied the world's largest share of hashpower. Even so, Fog Hashing believes that small and medium-sized power owners would be mainstream in the market. Threshold for them to enter the industry is not capital, but certain technical requirements and the strong noise and high heat caused by the mining machines. The liquid immersion cooling solutions developed by Fog Hashing can realize that mining is on the power side for hobbyists and investors who are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin.

Fog Hashing recommends using the immersion cooling home kit to participate (FH-C1 model supports 1 mining machine in one box). If it is for business or professional investment, it is necessary to do overall planning, analyzing total cost and project return. Fog Hashing is ready to discuss specific needs with customers and partners, to formulate solutions, and finally implement modularized product delivery. (FH-B6 model supports 6 mining machines in one chassis, and a container for industrial use support 100+ mining machines inside.)

Fog Hashing is headquartered in Singapore, with customers in Asia, America, Europe and Africa, and will set up an office soon in Texas, USA. At CES2022, Fog Hashing launched a special event "Take a C-Note for your Crypto". To scan the QR code and participate in the survey, anyone can get a $100 discount coupon for future purchases of Fog Hashing products, as well as a "Tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto" NFT.

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