Exploring Bitcoin mining in an environmental-friendly and economical-efficient way, FogHashing 's solutions for solar-powered liquid cooling mining debut on EMpower.

Exploring Bitcoin mining in an environmental-friendly and economical-efficient way, FogHashing 's solutions for solar-powered liquid cooling mining debut on EMpower.
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) mentioned that Bitcoin mining consumes 0.6% to 2.3% of the total electricity in the United States annually, which can meet the electricity demand of the entire state of Utah. However, this high energy consumption not only stresses the power grid, leading to an increase in electricity prices but also directly contributes to an increase in carbon dioxide, causing significant impacts on the global environment. For now, Bitcoin mining is eager to move towards clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and transition to clean energy sources such as hydroelectricity, wind power, and solar energy.
At the same time, with the rising electricity costs and increasing mining difficulty, profitability in Bitcoin mining is decreasing, making a longer ROI period. Immersion cooling technology is becoming one of the most popular options. Compared to traditional air-cooling, immersion cooling technology can improve the operational efficiency of mining machines and subsequently enhance ROI. Additionally, as costs for renewable energies like solar and wind power continue to decrease, miners are considering using them instead of traditional energy sources for power generation. The integration of clean energy with Bitcoin mining has become a key direction for industry development.
At the Empower conference held in Houston on March 26, 2024, Fog Hashing, an expert on immersion cooling solutions, debuted the latest case of Bitcoin mining with solar power. Combining FogHashing advanced immersion cooling technology with solar power for Bitcoin farming, mostly reduces environmental pressure and lowers energy consumption. Also significantly improves efficiency and profitability in mining operations. By utilizing immersion liquid cooling technology, a much lower noise allows machines stable operation, even overclocking at high temperatures, extends the miner's lifespan, improves work efficiency, lowering electricity costs, making bitcoin mining greener & economical.
Immersion cooling container mine powered by solar energy
Fog Hashing CEO Paul Li stated: "We have launched a series of scalable liquid cooling solutions for large-scale mining, including immersion cooling & hydro cooling. The all-in-one and modular design will help clients make the containers more mobileable, integrated, and rapid to deploy. We will continue to cooperate with more business partners to deep dive into renewable energy for mining solutions. Making the computing power network more reliable, efficient, and sustainable."
As the pioneer of Liquid Cooling Solutions, in the face of the halving of Bitcoin output, rising electricity costs, and increased mining difficulty, Fog Hashing will continue driving exploration into Clean Energy aspects within the Bitcoin Mining sector.

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