Revolutionizing the Bitcoin Mining Industry: Unveiling FogHashing's Three-Year Journey at CES

Revolutionizing the Bitcoin Mining Industry: Unveiling FogHashing's Three-Year Journey at CES
On January 9, 2024, during the CES technology extravaganza in Las Vegas, USA, Fog Hashing, in collaboration with the mining machine industry leader WhatsMiner, showcased an advanced liquid cooling mining solution. This marks Fog Hashing's third appearance at CES, demonstrating the application of liquid cooling technology.

2022: Innovating Home Mining, Distributed Hashing

Fog Hashing's home mining product, C1, debuted at CES, utilizing immersion cooling technology. Leveraging its efficient, stable, and quiet advantages, C1 expanded hash power to edge scenarios, enhancing the public's participation in building decentralized blockchain networks.

2023: Introducing Immersion Cooling Scalable Mining Solutions

At CES, based on technological accumulation and customer demands, Fog Hashing launched the new home mining product, C2, along with a large-scale liquid cooling mining solution. At this point, Fog Hashing had developed a full-stack solution, serving from individual home users to large liquid-cooling containers, making immersion cooling applicable to both distributed mining with a single machine and centralized mining with tens of thousands of machines.
BC40 immersion cooling container produced by FogHashing
Collaborating with various industry-leading manufacturers, Fog Hashing initiated the co-building of the liquid cooling ecosystem, leveraging its professional capabilities to better serve the mining industry.

2024: Immersion Cooling and Hydro Cooling Together, Green Energy Mining, High-Performance Computing Product Line

This year signifies comprehensive development in Fog Hashing's liquid cooling ecosystem: the "M series," a native immersion cooling product developed in collaboration with WhatsMiner, is driving the transition from air cooling to liquid cooling in this industry.
M20 developed in collaboration with WhatsMiner
Fog Hashing showcased large-scale mining cases combining liquid cooling with solar energy, offering a sustainable solution for blockchain computation. After a year of research and development, Fog Hashing released the first Hydro-cooling product. Additionally, Fog Hashing's data center solution for high-performance computing is set to debut.
Immersion cooling container mine powered by solar energy
Fog Hashing's mission is to make blockchain infrastructure more efficient, robust, and sustainable through innovation. The three-year CES journey has witnessed the company's diligent efforts in fulfilling this mission. We anticipate ongoing collaboration with our partners to introduce more groundbreaking products to a global audience, further propelling industry development.

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