A video of Immersion Mining Container BC40 MEGA

A video of Immersion Mining Container BC40 MEGA

This is Fog Hashing’s brand new second-generation container, BC40 MEGA! A highly integrated all-in-one immersion cooling system, designed to provide a turnkey solution for large mining farms.

● Supports up to 2.6MW power load.

● Supports up to 384x Antminer S19s or 480x Whatsminer M30/M50s .

● Single-loop, easy to deploy and expand Integrates remote management to monitor current, voltage, and cooling system status.

● Modular design, self-contained operation with minimal maintenance cost .

● External cooling supports either dry coolers or water cooling towers .

● All-round remote security monitoring, CCTV, ambient temperature, smoke sensor, etc.

● Supports heat recovery utilization .

● Electrical certification UL/CSA/CE .

● ISO standard container.

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